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The Origin of Coffee...

It’s amazing to think that early civilised people sat drinking the same drink that so many of us brew every day.

When we say coffee is an old drink, we mean it. There isn’t an exact date of origin- but one Legend thought to be set in AD850 tells the story of a goatherder called Kaldi and (of course) his herd of goats. When his goats ate the red berries from a certain plant; they were much more excitable than usual. After experiencing the cherries’ energising effects himself, Kaldi took some to the monastery; where the monks began drinking them in boiled water; to keep them awake during their evening prayers.

 While coffee itself is thought to have originated in Ethiopia; the brewed drink in the form we know it originates from Arabia. In Yemen in the 16th Century Islamic communities would drink it to sustain them through prayers. Also little coffee houses called qaveh khaneh began appearing across Arabia, as many pilgrims would travel to Mecca each year, so began the spread of coffee.

Here in Europe, we got coffee in the 17th Century- and it became popular very quickly. Despite religious controversy- resolved by Pope Clement VIII who gave it his approval- coffee spread throughout Europe quickly. By the mid 17th century there were 300 coffee houses in London!

After Europe- coffee made its way across to the Americas- which is now known for its Brazilian coffees.

Now we see coffee being drunk everywhere; it is the second most sought after commodity in the world after crude oil.


It’s taken coffee a long time to get to where it is today; but here at The Cambridge Coffee Company still like to stay true to its roots. Some of the favourite coffees we sell come from Ethiopia; the birthplace of coffee. They are really special and taste pretty incredible; like our Trinity Coffee- which you can try here.

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