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The Aeropress

Our past few blog posts have been concerned with the coffee itself, so the next few will look at the process of brewing coffee. Not just a guide on how to brew, but the history of the method and what you can get out of each brewing device. This week we wanted to show you the Aeropress- a versatile device which is now commonly used across the coffee industry.

This device is relatively new on the coffee market- but has quickly gained popularity. This is because this invention does something that other home coffee makers don’t- they make small amounts of high quality coffee really quickly.

The AeroPress was only introduced in 2005 by Alan Adler of Aerobie Inc. who was frustrated with poor quality coffee, and the problem of many brewing devices creating 6 cups of coffee when you only want one. This led Alan to begin inventing in his garage; after finding out coffee lovers like a rich smooth coffee with no residue that isn’t bitter- he went to work trying to create a solution. After a long time and a lot of different prototypes and designs, he settled on the AeroPress. This video shows Adler’s inventing process plus some tips on the Aeropress...

The AeroPress itself allows you to choose exactly how many cups you want to make plus its lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal companion for the outdoors, so you can get fresh coffee whenever, wherever. It utilises pressure to get the flavour extraction from the coffee, the coffee and filter are placed in a tube, water added and a plunger is used to force the water through the coffee grounds. This leaves you with smooth coffee, that’s similar to the strength of espresso, but can also then be watered down to make an Americano style drink or have milk added.

There are several methods that people use for their Aeropress. The two most common ones are a general method, using the Aeropress as intended, we have our own brew guide for this method, which you can find here  

The other method that has become popular is inverted brewing, this is slightly different and involves turning the Aeropress upside down, there is some debate in the aeropress community as to which method prepares a better cup of coffee, but why not try both and see which you prefer. Here is a short video of one way to use the Aeropress inverted method, but as with the usual method you can  change it around to make yourself the perfect cup.

We love making coffee with the Aeropress and will grind any of our beans to be suitable for it. Why not try out our espresso blend in the Aeropress to get a delicious home-brewed espresso? 

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