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Cold Brew Coffee

You might have heard of a type of coffee called Cold Brew Coffee which has gained popularity recently, lots of people just think it’s a fancy name for Iced Coffee when in fact its entirely different. Cold Brew coffee is actually brewed using cold water producing a concentrated brew which can then have water added to taste, this means it can be drunk hot or cold and is usually a very clear, clean drink due to the filtering processes it is put through. Iced coffee, on the other hand is normal coffee brewed in hot water and then cooled to be drunk.

Cold Brew coffee is thought to have been around at least since the 1600s in Kyoto, Japan- the record of cold brew before this isn’t clear. The current day Kyoto style coffee brewing method uses equipment which almost looks scientific; with several glass chambers for water, ice and coffee. The way these ‘brewing towers’ work is by letting the water pass through the coffee grinds one drop at a time, this often takes 6-24 hours depending on the amount of coffee and the drip speed, but the result is a very clean and aromatic coffee- however lots of Kyoto style coffee tower users find it takes some adjusting and practice to get the drip speed just right.

The other method which is more commonly used every day (since Kyoto brewing towers start at around £100) is a full immersion method, which can be used by anyone and doesn’t need too much equipment. This method can produce beautifully clean coffee if well filtered and can be drunk hot or cold. This video shows the basic method for creating cold brew at home with everyday items- we recommend a recipe where the ratio of coffee to water is 1g of coffee for every 5ml of water. (We also recommend using our Trinity coffee to make a delicious and clean cold brew)

you can use a coffee filter or a cheesecloth instead of kitchen roll to filter the coffee too!

If you really enjoy your cold brew, the Toddy system is a piece of equipment specially designed for making cold brew using the immersion method- it makes the process very simple (and gives you less washing up!) you can find more about it here:

We love Cold Brew Coffee at the Cambridge Coffee Company and our coffees particularly Sidgwick and Trinity make some really delicious cold brew... Why not try it out and let us know what you think?

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