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Brew Guides 3: Aeropress

Brew Guides  3: Aeropress

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The Aeropress is the easiest, cheapest way to make consistently really excellent coffee with minimal effort. An Aeropress has the simplicity of a cafetière but uses pressure (like an espresso machine) and has a paper filter to give smoother coffee. We love it! 

The Aeropress works well for all sorts of coffee but is especially good for slightly darker, more concentrated roasts – like our Espresso Blend or Castle Hill Tanzanian single estate. Here's our super simple guide to how to use yours… 

1 Choose and measure your coffee

Order your coffee ground for Aeropress from our web site. If you are grinding your own beans you want something finer than you’d use in a cafetière – the grounds should be about the size of caster sugar. You’ll need 15g of coffee (just over two rounded tablespoons) for a single good-sized mug. 

2 Prep the Aeropress

Invert the press so the top of the plunger on your work surface, inside the brewing tube with the black seal touching the bottom of the number 4. Put the filter into the black plastic filter holder and wet with a tiny quantity of hot water. 

3 Coffee and Water

Put your coffee into the Aeropress and add hot water (leave half a minute after boiling) to the top of the number 3.

Use the Aeropress paddle (or a tea spoon) to give a thorough stir.

After leaving 15 seconds or so add enough water to bring the level to above the number 2. 

Now put the black cap (with the damp filter in it) on top and screw on tight.

4 Wait and plunge

Leave for 30-40 seconds. Then tip the brewer to a 45-degree angle and spin it for 10 seconds.

Flip the brewer on top of your mug and plunge with gentle and steady pressure, stopping as soon as you hear a hissing sound.

5 Dilute and drink

Flip the brewer upright, dispose of your grounds and paper, and dilute the brew to taste with hot water.

Add milk (and even sugar!) if that’s your thing.  

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