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Brew Guides 2: Drip Filter/V60

You can download the (prettier) pdf version of this brew guide here.

Putting a filter paper into a ceramic or plastic cone and pouring hot water over your ground coffee is probably the simplest way (and one of the cheapest) to make really great coffee.


But getting the details right will make a huge difference to the taste… so here’s our handy step-by-step guide to getting the best out of your equipment.

1 Choose your coffee carefully

Most coffee that you buy in a supermarket is “omni-ground” - ground to work for all sorts of coffee makers. This makes them not really ideal for any type of brewing! At The Cambridge Coffee Company you can specify what grind you want when you buy.

  1. Get the right amount of coffee

If you don’t use enough coffee you will lose many of the most interesting tastes. In general you’ll need 20g of coffee (about two rounded tablespoons) for 300ml of water (1 medium sized mug) or about 50g for 1 litre of water. DON’T PUT THE COFFEE IN THE FILTER YET!

  1. Boil AND cool the water

Boil fresh water and leave to cool for at least one minute (more if you’ve filled the kettle!).

  1. Wet the filter

Pour a small quantity of water (just a few millilitres) onto the paper so it’s wet.

  1. Now brew

Put the coffee grounds into the paper. Pour about 30ml of water into the centre of the grounds and let stands for 30 seconds to “bloom.”

Now pour the rest of the hot water slowly over the grounds aiming for the centre of the cone.

  1. Now wait

It should take about two minutes for 300ml of water to pass through the filter.

  1. Pour and enjoy

Most Cambridge Coffee Company Coffee is delicious without milk - our roasts don’t have the bitterness that you need milk to take away. But, if you like a little of the white stuff, pour it in, sit back and enjoy.

You’ll probably notice the taste change and develop of the next minutes as the coffee cools and reveals different layers of flavour. Delicious.

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